NorDan Windows

Amazing opportunities, secure framework

Windows and doors are one of the most important things to planfor when building. There are many needs, desires and requirements to take into account, whether they are practical, aesthetic or economic. You are required to follow building standards, laws and regulations. The challenge is not to limit yourself more than necessary.

A promise for generations

New windows and doors are an important purchase for your home, choosing the wrong product can result in poor energy savings and long-term expenditure. At NorDan, our NTech products come with a 10-year guarantee.


When you choose NorDan windows with excellent thermal insulating abilities, you use significantly less energy to heat up your home. Furthermore, you get at a stable, more comfortable indoor climate and more importantly, you contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Energy efficiency in a window is called U-value, which is a measure of thermal conductance, indicating how much heat is lost. The lower the U-value, the more energy you save. At NorDan, the U-value we quote you is for the full product, not just the glass surface. All calculations are calculated according to EN ISO 10077-1 and EN ISO 10077-2. Currently, the UK standard for U-values are: Scotland – Max 1.8 W/m2k & England – Max 2.0 W/m2k, at NorDan, we can deliver windows with a U-value as low as 0.6 W/m2k.